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Contemporary Philosophies and Theories in Education signifies new directions and possibilities out of a traditional field of philosophy and education. Around the globe, exciting scholarship that breaks down and reformulates traditions in the humanities and social sciences is being created in the field of education scholarship. This series provides a venue for publication by education scholars whose work reflect the dynamic and experimental qualities that characterize today’s academy.

The series associates philosophy and theory not exclusively with a cognitive interest (to know, to define, to order) or an evaluative interest (to judge, to impose criteria of validity) but also with an experimental and attentive attitude which is characteristic for exercises in thought that try to find out how to move in the present and how to deal with the actual spaces and times, the different languages and practices of education and its transformations around the globe. It addresses the need to draw on thought across all sorts of borders and counts amongst its elements the following: the valuing of diverse processes of inquiry; an openness to various forms of communication, knowledge, and understanding; a willingness to always continue experimentation that incorporates debate and critique; and an application of this spirit, as implied above, to the institutions and issues of education.

Authors for the series come not only from philosophy of education but also from curriculum studies and critical theory, social sciences theory, and humanities theory in education. The series incorporates volumes that are trans- and inner-disciplinary.

The audience for the series includes academics, professionals and students in the fields of educational thought and theory, philosophy and social theory, and critical scholarship.

Series Editors: 
Jan Masschelein, KU Leuven, Belgium
Lynda Stone, University of North Carolina, USA

Editorial Board:
Gert Biesta, Brunel University London, UK
David Hansen, Columbia University, USA
Jorge Larossa, Barcelona University, Spain
Nel Noddings, Stanford University, USA
Roland Reichenbach, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Naoko Saito, Kyoto University, Japan
Paul Smeyers, Ghent University & KU Leuven, Belgium
Paul Standish, UCL Institute of Education, London, UK
Sharon Todd, Maynooth University, Ireland

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  • Jan Masschelein,
  • Lynda Stone

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