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The Human-Environment Interactions series invites contributions addressing the role of human interactions in the earth system. It welcomes titles on sustainability, climate change and societal impacts, global environmental change, tropical deforestation, reciprocal interactions of population-environment-consumption, large-scale monitoring of changes in vegetation, reconstructions of human interactions at local and regional scales, ecosystem processes, ecosystem services, land use and land cover change, sustainability science, environmental policy, among others. The series publishes authored and edited volumes, as well as textbooks. It is intended for environmentalists, anthropologists, historical, cultural and political ecologists, political geographers, and land change scientists. 

Human-environment interaction provides a framework that brings together scholarship sharing both disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary scope to examine past, present, and future social and environmental change in different parts of the world. The topic is very relevant since human activities (e.g. the burn of fossil fuels, fishing, agricultural activities, among others) are so pervasive that they are capable of altering the earth system in ways that could change the viability of the very processes upon which human and non-human species depend.

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  • Emilio F. Moran

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