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New & Forthcoming Titles | Dao Companions to Chinese Philosophy ( Miscellaneous)

Dao Companions to Chinese Philosophy

Dao Companions to Chinese Philosophy

Series Ed.: Huang, Yong

ISSN: 2211-0275

About the editor

Yong Huang

Yong Huang is Professor of Philosophy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.With interest in both philosophy and religious studies, and familiar with both Western and Chinese traditions, his research focus has been on moral (both ethical and political) issues from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective. Dr. Huang served as the co-chair of the Confucian Tradition Group of American Academy of Religion, the Co-chair of the University Seminar on Neo-Confucian Studies at Columbia University, and the President of Association of Chinese Philosophers in American (1999-2001). He is the author of Confucius: A Guide for the Perplexed (2012) and co-editor of Moral Relativism and Chinese Philosophy (2014)

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