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Arguably one of the most difficult problems in science today is the brain-mind problem. Understanding the brain’s principle of action would be of great value in many areas, such as in neuroscience, in medical sciences for understanding diseases as well as in engineering for developing robot control systems empowered with autonomous capabilities. Two broad questions will be addressed by the book series: (1) How is behaviour, cognition and consciousness controlled by the brain? (2) How can biological intelligence be applied in technology?

The book series will be geared towards audiences interested in cognitive and neuro-inspired computational systems, their principles, mechanisms, and architectures that underlie human and animal behaviour, and their application to conscious and intelligent systems.

This series will publish works of the highest quality that advance the understanding and practical application of cognitive and neural systems. Research monographs, introductory and advanced level textbooks, volume editions and proceedings will be considered. Please contact the editors with your book ideas.

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  • Vassilis Cutsuridis

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