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Advances in Mathematics Education

Advances in Mathematics Education

Series Editors: Kaiser, Gabriele, Sriraman, Bharath

ISSN: 1869-4918

"Advances in Mathematics Education" is a forward looking monograph series which continues the tradition of the international journal "ZDM Mathematics Education" of producing themed issues with invited guest editors and peer-review process. The new monograph series aims to integrate, synthesize and extend papers from already published themed issues of relevance today, by orientating issues of relevance towards the future state of the art. The planned monographs will enrich the ZDM issues with newly invited chapters and commentaries from renowned international experts in which ideas are pushed to new frontiers. Submissions undergo two rounds of critical peer review, externally from experts in the field and internally from the international editorial board. Although the monograph series aims mainly to produce monographs based on important ZDM issues from the past, the series is open to proposals from the community on other topics of interest to the field.

Researchers interested in guest editing a monograph based on a previously guest edited ZDM issue or on a entirely new topic should contact the series editors Gabriele Kaiser (gabriele.kaiser@uni-hamburg.de) and Bharath Sriraman (sriramanb@mso.umt.edu) for details on how to submit a proposal.

Series Editor(s):
Gabriele Kaiser, University of Hamburg
Bharath Sriraman, The University of Montana

International Editorial Board:
Jinfa Cai (USA)
Ubiratan D'Ambrosio (Brazil)
Helen Forgasz (Australia)
Jeremy Kilpatrick (USA)
Christine Knipping (Germany)
Oh Nam Kwon (Korea)

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