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Computational Music Science

Computational Music Science

Series Editors: Mazzola, Guerino, Andreatta, Moreno

ISSN: 1868-0305

Computational Music Science

The CMS series covers all topics dealing with essential usage of mathematics for the formal conceptualization, modeling, theory, computation, and technology in music.


The series comprises symbolic, physical, and psychological reality, including areas such as mathematical music theory, musical acoustics, performance theory, sound engineering, music information retrieval, AI in music, programming, soft- and hardware for musical analysis, composition, performance, and gesture. The CMS series also includes mathematically oriented or computational aspects of music semiotics, philosophy, and psychology.


All volumes in the CMS series are published according to rigorous peer review, based on the editors' preview and selection and adequate refereeing by independent experts.

Series Editors 

Guerino Mazzola, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and Universität Zürich
Moreno Andreatta, IRCAM Paris, CNRS, Sorbonne Universités and IRMA, Université de Strasbourg

Publication process 

The language of publication is excusively English. Authors planning to publish in CMS have to apply at the editors.
For the preparation of the camera-ready files, authors are encouraged to adhere to the Springer Authors' Instructions and are strongly encouraged to use the Springer LaTeX style files or templates.

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