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This book series will be devoted to diverse aspects of signaling and communication at all levels of plant organization, starting from single molecules and ending at ecological communities. The individual volumes will interlink molecular biology with plant physiology and the behavior of individual organisms, right up to the system analysis of whole plant communities and ecosystems.

Plants have developed a robust signaling apparatus with both chemical and physical communication pathways. The chemical communication is based either on vesicular trafficking pathways or accomplished directly through cell-cell channels known as plasmodesmata. Moreover, there are numerous signal molecules generated within cell walls and also diffusible signals, such as nitric oxide, reactive oxygen species and ethylene, penetrating cells from exocellular space. Physical communication on the other hand is based on electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical signals.

The integrative view of this book series will foster our understanding of plant communication throughout the individual plant and with other communicative systems such as fungi, nematodes, bacteria, viruses, insects, other plants, and predatory animals.

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  • František Baluška

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