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The International Society for Business, Economics and Ethics book series publishes books on ethics in the international arena of business. Included are comparative studies and has a focus on research on the responsibilities, values and behavior of business people and organizations as they interact with stakeholders including shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, competitors, communities and governments. This book series draws from the research of the worldwide membership of The International Society for Business, Economics and Ethics -a global association for the study of social and ethical aspects of business and the economy- and beyond with the goal of presenting truly international research and scholarship. The primary objective of the International Society for Business, Economics book series is to promote business ethics by giving a voice to scholars from around the world and reaching a similarly global audience. It is our particular aim to ensure the inclusion of perspectives from developing and emerging economies. Since the series Incorporates a macroeconomic perspective, the editors are especially interested in considering new works dealing with globalization of business, business in developing economies, environmental questions, ethics and global communication, global economic growth, and sustainable development. The series embraces research and scholarship on all organizational forms relevant to business including but not limited to multinational corporations, small business, social enterprises, non-governmental organizations or public sector.
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  • Daryl Koehn,
  • Florian Wettstein

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