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Urban and Landscape Perspectives

Urban and Landscape Perspectives

Series Ed.: Maciocco, Giovanni



EDITORS: Gianfranco Capra and Silvia Serreli
University of Sassari, Department of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning, Alghero, Italy
The soil is one of the fundamental resources of the urban ecosystem. The process by which it is formed and develops is an extremely slow one and the soil must therefore be considered a non-renewable resource. The pedosphere carries out a remarkable number of functions that are vital for the urban ecosystem, such as the production of food and biomass, water filtering and consequent prevention of hydro-geological risk/disruption phenomena, and protection against various pollutants, safeguarding the quality of the waters.
If, on the one hand, the growth rates of world population and urban settlements are increasingly rapid, on the other, the percentage of soil consumed by man over the last two decades has risen faster than the increase in population. The direct consequences of human activities that are not consistent with the dynamics of the city’s ecosystems affect the soil considerably, making it a resource that is deteriorating more and more on a world scale.
The forms and processes involved in urbanisation and industrialisation have aggravated problems of soil impermeabilisation, with effects often difficult to manage at an urban level, and solutions imposed that are not always suitable to preserve the artificial and natural ecosystems of the territory.
The authors of this book emphasise the need for different approaches to the design of the city and territory, which will target maintenance of the quality of soil, a resource to be taken care of as a public good, a heritage of the collective population, with its intrinsic functions, properties, idiosyncrasies and diversities.
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