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Books published in this series present original results or consolidated material of interest to the research community and graduate students. Manuscripts to be considered for publication should be coherent monographs rather than collections of articles. The series also contains high-level presentations of special topics.   

Series Editors: Juraj Hromkovič (ETH Zürich), Mogens Nielsen (Aarhus University)  

Advisory Board: S. Albers, H. Attiya, G. Ausiello, M. Broy, C. Calude, A. Condon, A. Czumaj, P. Degano, J. Diaz, P. Gastin, G. Gottlob, D. Harel, J. Hartmanis, R. Heckel, L.A. Hemaspaandra, T. Henzinger, M. Hermenegildo, B. Jonsson, J. Karhumäki, L. Kari, M. Koutny, D. Kozen, T. Leighton, H. Lin, G. Mauri, D. Niwiński, C. Papadimitriou, D. Peleg, D. Sannella, U. Schöning, D. Scott, P.G. Spirakis, D. Wagner, E. Welzl, M. Wirsing 

Founding Editors: W. Brauer, G. Rozenberg, A. Salomaa

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Series Editor
  • Juraj Hromkovič,
  • Mogens Nielsen

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