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The series MPI Studies on Intellectual Property and Competition Law focuses on central aspects of our economic system. With its doctrinal expertise in these areas of law and an emphasis on a comparative analysis, taking the economic and technological aspects of the law into account, the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law contributes to answering basic legal questions and provides impulses for future legal developments on the national, European and international levels. MPI Studies contain the results of dedicated studies, conference papers or miscellanies in these areas. In particular, MPI Studies deal with legal and economic aspects of new technologies, namely with regard to further developments in patent law, copyright law and the law pertaining to other intellectual property rights. Additionally, it attends to competition law, which protects the free and self-determined action of all market participants against unfair practices and restrictions of competition. Both, competition law and intellectual property rights ultimately create the necessary conditions for an efficient market and a balanced distribution of wealth.
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Series Editor
  • Josef Drexl,
  • Reto M. Hilty,
  • Joseph Straus

Book titles in this series

  1. A Critical Mind

    Hanns Ullrich’s Footprint in Internal Market Law, Antitrust and Intellectual Property

    • Christine Godt
    • Matthias Lamping
    • Copyright: 2023
    • Published: 19 November 2022