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New & Forthcoming Titles | MEMS Reference Shelf

MEMS Reference Shelf

MEMS Reference Shelf

Editor-in-chief: Senturia, Stephen
Series Editors: Howe, Roger T., Ricco, Antonio J.

ISSN: 1936-4407

Future publications in the MEMS Reference Shelf are being directed into the Microsystems and Nanosystems series.To learn more about this series, including a list of published and forthcoming titles, please click on the tab “Microsystems and Nanosystems series” on the top right of this page.

The MEMS Reference Shelf is a series devoted to Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and Nanotechnology.

MEMS combine mechanical, optical, or fluidic elements on a common microfabricated substrate to create sensors, actuators, and microsystems. Nanotechnology builds on the detailed properties of matter to create new functionality at the atomic and molecular scale.

This series will strive to provide a framework where basic principles, known methodologies, and new applications are integrated in a coherent and consistent manner.

The list of topics planned for the series is still growing.

Here is a sample:

    • Process Technology
    • Materials
    • MEMS Packaging
    • RF MEMS
    • Noise in MEMS
    • Self-Assembled Systems
    • Piezoelectrics in MEMS
    • Inertial MEMS
    • Biochemical Analysis
    • Power MEMS
    • Acoustical MEMS
    • Microreactors
    • Optical MEMS
    • Molecular Manipulation

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