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Creating a diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic treatment strategy precisely tailored to each patient’s requirements is the fundamental idea behind precision medicine. The Molecular Pathology Library series integrates molecular biology with clinical data for treatment designed for the patient’s individual genetic makeup. This approach is widely recognized as the future of medicine and it is vital for practicing pathologists to know the molecular biology, diagnostics and predictive biomarkers for specific forms of cancer or other diseases and their implications for treatment. Each volume focuses on a specific type of cancer or disease and provides concise essential information in a readily accessible, user friendly, convenient format. Each volume is oriented towards the pathologist who needs this information for daily practice, tumor boards, and conferences or for preparation for certification boards or other tests. Written by experts focusing on patient care, these books are indispensible aids to pathologists’ participation in precision medicine in the 21st century.
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  • Timothy C. Allen

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