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Handbook of Environmental Engineering

Handbook of Environmental Engineering

Series Editors: Wang, Lawrence K., Wang, Mu-Hao Sung

ISSN: 2512-1359

The past 30 years have seen the emergence of a growing desire worldwide to take positive actions to restore and protect the environment from the degrading effects of all forms of pollution: air, noise, solid waste, and water. The principle intention of the Handbook of Environmental Engineering series is to help readers formulate answers to the fundamental questions facing pollution in the modern era, mainly, how serious is pollution and is the technology needed to abate it not only available, but feasible. Cutting-edge and highly practical, HEE offers educators, students, and engineers a strong grounding in the principles of Environmental Engineering, as well as providing effective methods for developing optimal abatement technologies at costs that are fully justified by the degree of abatement achieved. With an emphasis on using the Best Available Technologies, the authors of these volumes present the necessary engineering protocols derived from the fundamental principles of chemistry, physics, and mathematics, making these volumes a must have for environmental pollution researchers.

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