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Applied Phycology, the practical use of algae, encompasses a diverse range of fields including algal culture and seaweed farming, the use of algae to produce commercial products such as hydrocolloids, carotenoids and pharmaceuticals, algae as biofertilizers and soil conditioners, the application of algae in wastewater treatment, renewable energy production, algae as environmental indicators, environmental bioremediation and the management of algal blooms. The commercial production of seaweeds and microalgae and products derived there from is a large and well established industry and new algal species, products and processes are being continuously developed.

The aim of this book series, Developments in Applied Phycology, is to present state-of-the-art syntheses of research and development in the field. Volumes of the series will consist of reference books, subject-specific monographs, peer reviewed contributions from conferences, comprehensive evaluations of large-scale projects, and other book-length contributions to the science and practice of applied phycology.

Prospective authors and/or editors should consult the Series Editor or Publishing Editor for more details.

Series Editor: Michael A. Borowitzka - M.Borowitzka@murdoch.edu.au

Publishing Editor: Éva Loerinczi - eva.loerinczi@springer.com
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