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Geometry and Computing

Geometry and Computing

Series Editors: Edelsbrunner, Herbert, Kobbelt, Leif, Polthier, Konrad

ISSN: 1866-6795

Geometric shapes belong to our every-day life, and modeling and optimization of such forms determine biological and industrial success. Similar to the digital revolution in image processing, which turned digital cameras and online video downloads into consumer products,  nowadays we encounter a strong industrial need and scientific research on geometry processing technologies for 3D shapes.

Several disciplines are involved, many with their origins in mathematics, revived with computational emphasis within computer science, and motivated by applications in the sciences and engineering. Just to mention one example, the renewed interest in discrete differential geometry is motivated by the need for a theoretical foundation for geometry processing algorithms, which cannot be found in classical differential geometry.


This book series is devoted to new developments in geometry and computation and its applications. It provides a scientific resource library for education, research, and industry. The series constitutes a platform for publication of the latest research in mathematics and computer science on topics in this field.

 * Discrete geometry * Computational geometry * Differential geometry * Discrete differential geometry * Computer graphics * Geometry processing * CAD/CAM * Computer-aided geometric design * Geometric topology * Computational topology * Statistical shape analysis * Structural molecular biology * Shape optimization * Geometric data structures * Geometric probability * Geometric constraint solving * Algebraic geometry * Graph theory * Physics-based modeling * Kinematics * Symbolic computation * Approximation theory * Scientific computing * Computer vision  

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