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Coral Reefs of the World is a series presenting the status of knowledge of the world's coral reefs authored by leading scientists. The volumes are organized according to political or regional oceanographic boundaries. Emphasis is put on providing authoritative overviews of biology and geology, explaining the origins and peculiarities of coral reefs in each region. The information is so organized that it is up to date and can be used as a general reference and entry-point for further study. The series will cover all recent and many of the fossil coral reefs of the world.

Prospective authors and/or editors should consult the Series Editors B.M. Riegl and R.E. Dodge for more details. Any comments or suggestions for future volumes are welcomed:

Dr. Bernhard M. Riegl/Dr. Richard E. Dodge
Nova Southeastern University
Dania Beach, FL 33004

e-mail: rieglb@nova.edu and dodge@nova.edu

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Series Editor
  • Bernhard M. Riegl,
  • Richard E. Dodge

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