About this book series

Springer’s book series, Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation, brings together some of the most exciting and topical papers in biodiversity and conservation research. The result is a series of useful themed collections covering issues such as the diversity and conservation of specific habitats or groups of organisms, and the key dilemma of resource use versus conservation.

Based on Springer’s popular journal, Biodiversity and Conservation, the series provides access to selected peer-reviewed papers which represent the cutting edge of current research to provide a valuable overview of progress in each topic addressed. With their diversity of case studies and depth of investigation, these collections will be of particular interest for courses including biodiversity and/or conservation issues, and to advanced students and researchers working in related fields.

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Series Editor
  • David L. Hawksworth,
  • Anurag Chaurasia

Book titles in this series

  1. GMOs

    Implications for Biodiversity Conservation and Ecological Processes

    • Anurag Chaurasia
    • David L. Hawksworth
    • Manoela Pessoa de Miranda
    • Copyright: 2020
    • Published: 02 December 2021