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During the last couple of decades, notable developments have taken place in the science and technology of fuel cells and hydrogen energy. Most of the knowledge developed in this field is contained in individual journal articles, conference proceedings, research reports, etc. The goal of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy series is to organize this information and make it easily available to scientists, engineers, technologists, designers, technical managers and graduate students. The book series is focused to ensure that those who are interested in this subject can find the information quickly and easily without having to search through the whole literature. The series includes all aspects of the materials, science, engineering, manufacturing, modeling, and applications. Fuel reforming and processing; sensors for hydrogen, hydrocarbons and other gases will also be covered within the scope of this series. A number of volumes edited/authored by internationally respected researchers from various countries are planned for publication during the next few years.

Discontinued series: although this series no longer publishes new content, the published titles listed here remain available.
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  • Narottam P. Bansal

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