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This comprehensive and interdisciplinary series offers the most recent advances in all key aspects of development and applications of modern instrumentation for chemical and biological analysis on the microscale.

These key aspects will include (1) innovations in sample introduction through micro- and nano-fluidic designs, (2) new types and methods of fabrication of physical transducers and ion detectors, (3) materials for sensors that became available due to the breakthroughs in combinatorial materials science and nanotechnology, and (4) innovative data processing and mining methodologies that provide dramatically reduced rates of false alarms.

Clearly, a true multidisciplinary effort is required to meet objectives for a system with previously unavailable capabilities. This cross-discipline fertilization is driven by the expanding need for chemical and biological detection and monitoring and leads to the creation of instruments with new capabilities for new demanding applications. Indeed, instruments with more sensitivity are required today to analyze ultra-trace levels of environmental pollutants, pathogens in water, and low vapor pressure energetic materials in air. Sensor devices with faster response times are desired to monitor transient in-vivo events and bedside patients. More selective instruments are wanted to analyze specific proteins in vitro and analyze ambient urban or battlefield air. For these and many other applications, new features of modern microanalytical instrumentation are urgently needed. This book series is a primary source of both fundamental and practical information on both the current state of the art and future directions for microanalytical instrumentation technologies. This book series is addressed to the rapidly growing number of active practitioners and developers and those who are interested in starting research in this direction, directors of industrial and government research centers, laboratory supervisors and managers, students and lecturers.

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  • Radislav A. Potyrailo

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