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Plant Genetics and Genomics: Crops and Models book series provides current overviews and summaries of the state of the art in genetics and genomics for each of the important crop plants and genetic models for which such a volume does not now exist or is out of date. 

Most volumes will focus on a single crop, species, or group of close relatives, including especially those plants that already have advanced genomic resources developed and preferably complete or advancing genome sequences. Potential targets include sorghum, maize, poplar, the Brassicaceae, rice, Medicago and Mimulus. Nearly all of these genomes have been sequenced or are currently being sequenced and have substantial communities of biologists and biotechnologists working on them. Priorities are set according to importance of the crop or model species, size of community, and stage of development of the field. 

Other volumes take a disciplinary or technological focus, including the currently planned volume on plant cytogenetics and potential volumes on topics such as comparative genomics, epigenetics, and functional genomics.  

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  • Richard A. Jorgensen

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