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New & Forthcoming Titles | Pseudo-Differential Operators - Theory and Applications

Pseudo-Differential Operators

Pseudo-Differential Operators

Theory and Applications

Wong, M. W. (Ed.)

ISSN: 2297-0355

Managing Editor

M.W. Wong (York University, Canada)


Editorial Board

Guozhen Lu (University of Connecticut, USA)

Alberto Parmeggiani (University of Bologna, Italy)

Luigi G. Rodino (Università di Torino, Italy)

Bert-Wolfgang Schulze (Universität Potsdam, Germany)

Johannes Sjöstrand (Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France)

Sundaram Thangavelu (Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore, India)

Maciej Zworski (University of California at Berkeley, USA)

Pseudo-Differential Operators: Theory and Applications is a series of moderately priced graduate-level textbooks and monographs appealing to students and experts alike. Pseudo-differential operators are understood in a very broad sense and include such topics as harmonic analysis, PDE, geometry, mathematical physics, microlocal analysis, time-frequency analysis, imaging and computations. Modern trends and novel applications in mathematics, natural sciences, medicine, scientific computing, and engineering are highlighted.

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