Editorial board

Yildirim Dilek
Miami University
Dept. of Geology & Environmental Earth Sciences
118 Shideler Hall
250 S. Patterson Ave.
Oxford, OH 45056
Email: dileky@miamioh.edu

Franco Pirajno
The University of Western Australia
Centre for Exploration Targeting
35 Stirling Highway
Crawley, Perth
Western Australia 6009
Email: franco.pirajno@uwa.edu.au

Brian Windley
The University of Leicester
Dept. of Geology
Leicester, LE1 7RH
United Kingdom
Email: brian.windley@btinternet.com

Franco Pirajno is an internationally recognized expert on mineral systems, with more than 50 years of experience, in industry, academia and government. He has extensive knowledge in tectonics, ore deposit geology in: Europe, southern Africa, South East Asia, New Zealand, southwest Pacific, China, southern Siberia, Greenland and Australia. He is the author of four books, co-authored a book and a monograph on mineral deposits and has published more than 200 peer-reviewed papers, 20 peer-reviewed geological maps. Supervised and/or reviewed 62 MSc and PhD theses; and is the author of 68 unpublished company reports. Nominated highest cited author by Thomson-Reuter for 2011 in Economic Geology at The University of Western Australia.Adjunct Professor at Centre for Exploration Targeting (University of Western Australia) and at the Institute of Mineral Resources of the Chinese Academy of Geological Science, Beijing, China. Honorary Professor, China University of Geosciences, Beijing, China. Research Associate at the Australian Centre for Astrobiology, University of New South Wales, Sydney. Honorary Research Fellow at CERCAMS (Centre for Russian and Central EurAsian Mineral Studies), Natural History Museum, London.
Currently on the Editorial Board of the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences; Russian Geology & Geophysics and Gondwana Research. Appointed Editor-in-Chief of Ore Geology Reviews in May 2012 and Series Editor of Modern Approaches in Solid Earth Sciences (Springer) in November 2012. 

Brian Windley is a tectonics geologist (not a geochemist or zirconologist) interested in the plate tectonics of the oceans and continents, and in the tectonic evolution of the continents from the Archaean to Present. In particular, his general fields of interest include the tectonic evolution of Archean and Palaeoproterozoic orogenic belts, and the modern analogues of their components. His individual subjects areas are: accretionary orogens, the roots of island arcs, delamination tectonics, ridge subduction and slab windows, early Precambrian ophiolites and eclogites, ocean plate stratigraphy, rodingites, and suture zones. Specific regions of interest (and their evolution) cover W. Greenland, S. India, Rajasthan, the North China craton, the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (Altaids), Japan, Madagascar, Yemen, the Lewisian of Scotland, and Anglesey in Wales. 

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  • Yildirim Dilek
  • Franco Pirajno
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