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The recognition that wetlands provide many values for people and are important foci for conservation worldwide has led to an increasing amount of research and management activity. This has resulted in an increased demand for high quality publications that outline both the value of wetlands and the many management steps necessary to ensure that they are maintained and even restored. Recent research and management activities in support of conservation and sustainable development provide a strong basis for the book series. The series presents current analyses of the many problems afflicting wetlands as well as assessments of their conservation status. Current research is described by leading academics and scientists from the biological and social sciences. Leading practitioners and managers provide analyses based on their vast experience.

The series provides an avenue for describing and explaining the functioning and processes that support the many wonderful and valuable wetland

habitats, such as swamps, lagoons and marshes, and their species, such as waterbirds, plants and fish, as well as the most recent research directions. Proposals cover current research, conservation and management issues from around the world and provide the reader with new and relevant perspectives on wetland issues.

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Series Editor
  • C. Max Finlayson

Book titles in this series

  1. World Atlas of Freshwater Macrophytes

    Dicotyledonous species I (Acanthaceae – Menyanthaceae) - Volume 1

    • Tatiana Lobato-de Magalhães
    • Kevin Murphy
    • Marinus L. Otte
    • Eugenio Molina-Navarro
    • Copyright: 2024

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  2. Wetlands for Remediation in the Tropics

    Wet Ecosystems for Nature-based Solutions

    • Tatiana Lobato de Magalhães
    • Marinus L. Otte
    • Copyright: 2023

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