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The Springer book series Microbiology Monographs presents carefully refereed volumes on selected microbiological topics. Microbiology is a still rapidly expanding field with significant impact on many areas of basic and applied science. The growth in knowledge of microbial physiology, cell structure, biotechnological capabilities and other aspects of microorganisms is increasing dramatically even in the face of the breakthroughs that already have been made.

Reflecting these most recent achievements, the series' wide scope encompasses such topics as inclusions in prokaryotes, predatory prokaryotes, magnetoreception and magnetosomes in bacteria, uncultivable microorganisms, microbial endosymbionts, bacterial resistance, extremophilic microorganisms, analyses of genome sequences and structures, microorganisms as cell factories for chemicals and fuels, metabolic engineering, gene transfer and expression systems and distinct physiological groups of bacteria. 

The volume editors are well-known experts in their particular fields, and each volume offers 10 to 20 comprehensive review articles covering all relevant aspects of the topic in focus. All chapters are systematically reviewed by the series editor and respective volume editor(s).

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  • Alexander Steinb├╝chel

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