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Polar ecosystems are currently facing unprecedented challenges due to observed climate related changes in polar environmental and habitat structures. Therefore a sound and comprehensive documentation of environmental conditions, including anthropogenic influences on the complex and sensitive Polar bio-systems, is an important prerequisite for a sound and coordinated international response for regulation and mitigation purposes.  From Pole to Pole will serve as an information source for scientific experts, regulators and laymen on these issues, and  provide a comprehensive publication framework for the documentation of environmental research activities in the Arctic and Antarctic. Priority is given to topics which include both Polar regions.

The book volumes will provide scientifically sound information on the concepts, findings and scientific motivation of the various relevant research activities..

Interested volume editors are invited to contact the Series Editors.  All book projects will be evaluated by the Series Editors and an external evaluation panel.

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  • Roland Kallenborn,
  • Guido di Prisco,
  • Yifan Li,
  • Susan Barr

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