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Springer Series in Synergetics

Founding Editor: H. Haken

The Springer Series in Synergetics was founded by Herman Haken in 1977. Since then, the series has evolved into a substantial reference library for the quantitative, theoretical and methodological foundations of the science of complex systems.

Through many enduring classic texts, such as Haken's Synergetics and Information and Self-Organization, Gardiner's Handbook of Stochastic Methods, Risken's The Fokker Planck-Equation or Haake's Quantum Signatures of Chaos, the series has made, and continues to make, important contributions to shaping the foundations of the field.

The series publishes monographs and graduate-level textbooks of broad and general interest, with a pronounced emphasis on the physico-mathematical approach.

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  • Peter Schuster
Series Editor
  • Henry D. I. Abarbanel,
  • Dan Braha,
  • Péter Érdi,
  • Karl J. Friston,
  • Hermann Haken,
  • Viktor Jirsa,
  • Janusz Kacprzyk,
  • Kunihiko Kaneko,
  • Scott Kelso,
  • Jürgen Kurths,
  • Ronaldo Menezes,
  • Andrzej Nowak,
  • Hassan Qudrat-Ullah,
  • Linda Reichl,
  • Frank Schweitzer,
  • Didier Sornette,
  • Stefan Thurner

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