About this book series

The Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing includes advanced textbooks, research monographs, edited works and conference proceedings covering all major subjects in the field of advanced manufacturing.

The following is a non-exclusive list of subjects relevant to the series:

  1. Manufacturing processes and operations (material processing; assembly; test and inspection; packaging and shipping). 
  2. Manufacturing product and process design (product design; product data management; product development; manufacturing system planning). 
  3. Enterprise management (product life cycle management; production planning and control; quality management).

Emphasis will be placed on novel material of topical interest (for example, books on nanomanufacturing) as well as new treatments of more traditional areas.

As advanced manufacturing usually involves extensive use of information and communication technology (ICT), books dealing with advanced ICT tools for advanced manufacturing are also of interest to the Series.

Springer and Professor Pham welcome book ideas from authors. Potential authors who wish to submit a book proposal should contact Anthony Doyle, Executive Editor, Springer, e-mail: anthony.doyle@springer.com.


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  • Duc Truong Pham

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