About this book series

About the Series and the Program

Historically essential to security, science and technology have become even more so in a world of shifting and unpredictable threats.

To help researchers in member and affiliated countries develop new approaches to security, the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) programme sponsors a series of Advanced Study Institutes and Advanced Research Workshops in security-related priority areas of Defence Against Terrorism and Countering Other Threats to Security.*

This series and the discipline-oriented sub-series under it gather together the observations and recommendations made at these meetings.

The Series is published by Springer and IOS Press, in conjunction with the NATO Public Diplomacy Division.

By and for whom?

The recommendations in these series are from the world's leading experts from multidisciplinary backgrounds on:

  • terrorism
  • climate change
  • nuclear threats
  • and more...

This series is an essential resource for all people concerned with security, such as:

  • scientists
  • government agencies and officials
  • the nuclear safety community
  • risk managers
  • consulting firms
  • defence personnel
  • policy makers

*The meetings are co-organized by scientists from NATO countries and scientists from NATO's "Partner" or "Mediterranean Dialogue" countries. The observations and recommendations made at the meetings, as well as the contents of the volumes in the Series, reflect those of participants and contributors only; they should not necessarily be regarded as reflecting NATO views or policy.

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