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Semantic Web and Beyond:

Computing for Human Experience


Ramesh Jain 

Amit Sheth

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As computing becomes ubiquitous and pervasive, computing is increasingly becoming an extension of human, modifying or enhancing human experience.  Today's car reacts to human perception of danger with a series of computers participating in how to handle the vehicle for human command and environmental conditions.  Proliferating sensors help with observations, decision making as well as sensory modifications.  The emergent semantic web will lead to machine understanding of data and help exploit heterogeneous, multi-source digital media. Emerging applications in situation monitoring and entertainment applications are resulting in development of experiential environments.

This book series brings together forward looking research and technology that will shape our world more intimately than ever before as computing becomes an extension of human experience.  It covers all aspects of computing that is very closely tied to human perception, understanding and experience.  It brings together computing that deal with semantics, perception and experience.  It serves as the platform for exchange of both practical technologies and far reaching research.

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  • Ramesh Jain,
  • Amit P. Sheth

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