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In recent years, the role of mathematics in the life sciences has evolved a long way from the role it played in the 1970's, in the early days of "biomathematics", and is a somewhat different one now, and its perception by the mathematical community is also different. We feel it is important for the Lecture Notes in Mathematics to reflect this and thus underline the immense significance of the life sciences as a field of application and interaction for mathematics in the 21st century.

 We are particularly interested in going far beyond the traditional areas in which mathematics was applied to ecology, such as population dynamics, and would like to attract publications in areas such as cell growth, protein structures, physiology, vision, shape recognition & gestalt theory, neural dynamics, genomics, perhaps also some statistical aspects (this list is non-exhaustive). 

We welcome manuscripts submissions (research monographs, advanced lectures) of at least 100 pp.
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