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Studies in Global Justice

Studies in Global Justice

Series Ed.: Chatterjee, Deen K.

ISSN: 1871-0409

13 February 2012

National Humanities Medal

Kwame Anthony Appiah of Princeton and Nobel laureate Amartya Sen of Harvard, both members of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Encyclopedia of Global Justice, were awarded the National Humanities Medal by President Obama at the White House.

"Kwame Anthony Appiah for seeking eternal truths in the contemporary world. His books and essays within and beyond his academic discipline have shed moral and intellectual light on the individual in an era of globalization and evolving group identities."
"Amartya Sen for his insights into the causes of poverty, famine, and injustice. By applying philosophical thinking to questions of policy, he has changed how standards of living are measured and increased our understanding of how to fight hunger."

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