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The IUSSP is an international association of researchers, teachers, policy makers and others from diverse disciplines set up to advance the field of demography and promote scientific exchange. It also seeks to foster relations between persons engaged in the study of demography and population trends in all countries of the world and to disseminate knowledge about their determinants and consequences. The members of the IUSSP scientific group responsible for this book series were chosen for their scientific expertise. This book seires is reviewed by a group other than the authors. While the IUSSP endeavors to assure the accuracy and objectivity of its scientific work, the conclusions and interpretations in IUSSP publications are those of the authors.

International Studies in Population (ISIP) is the outcome of an agreement concluded by IUSSP and Springer in 2004. The joint series covers the broad range of work carried out by IUSSP and includes material presented at seminars organized by the IUSSP. The scientific directions of the IUSSP are set by the IUSSP Council elected by the membership and composed for 2014–2017 of:

Anastasia Gage (Sierra Leone/United States), President

Tom LeGrand (Canada), Vice President

France Meslé (France), Secretary General and Treasurer

Sajeda Amin (Bangladesh) 

Ann Biddlecom (United States) 

Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue (Cameroon) 

Emily Grundy (United Kingdom) 

Fátima Juárez (Mexico)

Øystein Kravdal (Norway) 

David Lam (United States) 

Tom Moultrie (South Africa) 

Edith Pantelides (Argentina)

Sureeporn Punpuing (Thailand)

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