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The book series "Risk, Governance, and Society" is devoted to interdisciplinary and cross-cutting studies addressing comprehensive risk analysis and risk management strategies. The focus is on integration: risk is viewed from scientific, economic, social, and cultural perspectives. The series addresses all types of risks -- technological developments, natural hazards, chemical and biological threats, human activities at work and at home, as well as social risks such as terrorism. Although wide in scope and diversity, the series emphasizes the common elements of risks. The series highlights the interaction between natural and social sciences, governmental regulation, and societal actors from industry and civil society. It encourages the building of bridges between the disciplines and provides a home for both empirical research and theoretical analyses that can contribute practical advice for risk governance in plural societies and is able to advance our knowledge in the conceptualization and analysis of risks.
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  • Jeryl L. Mumpower,
  • Ortwin Renn,
  • Norio Okada

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