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New & Forthcoming Titles | Theory and Decision Library A: ( Miscellaneous)

Theory and Decision Library A:

Theory and Decision Library A:

Rational Choice in Practical Philosophy and Philosophy of Science

Series Editors: Nida-Rümelin, Julian, Rechenauer, Martin

ISSN: 0921-3384

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief: Julian Nida-Rümelin (München)
Assistant Editor: Martin Rechenauer (München)
Editorial Board: Raymond Boudon (Paris), Mario Bunge,(Montréal), Franz Dietrich, (Paris & East Anglia), Stephan Hartmann, (Tilburg), Martin van Hees (Amsterdam), Isaac Levi (New York), Richard V. Mattessich (Vancouver), Bertrand Munier (Cachan), Olivier Roy (Bayreuth), Amartya K. Sen (Cambridge), Brian Skyrms, (Irvine), Wolfgang Spohn (Konstanz), Katie Steele, (London School of Economics), Greg Wheeler (Frankfurt).

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