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Space Regulations Library

Space Regulations Library

Series Ed.: Jakhu, Ram S.

The Space Regulations Library is a series of high quality research books that are written by authors from all over the world and that deal primarily with national regulations governing space activities, particularly those that are carried out by private entities for commercial purposes. The series deals with those international regulatory issues that directly relate to the practical exploitation of space applications and are relevant to national regulatory systems.
The series covers the following specific topics: -rationale for government regulation; -trends in privatization, commercialization, (de)regulation and globalization of space activities; -national regulatory policy-making processes relating to space activities; -liability for damage caused by space activities; -regulation of military uses of outer space; -risk management; -space insurance; -trade in satellite telecommunications and launch services; -national licensing requirements for launch activities, for s

atellite telecommunications and for remote sensing purposes; -competition in domestic and international satellite telecommunication services as well as launch services; -intellectual property rights under domestic regulations; -export controls on space products and services; -private contractual aspects of launch and satellite procurements; etc.
The unique nature of the series is that it not only concentrates on national regulatory systems but also covers currently important and practical subjects from interdisciplinary perspectives so that the published books are of a direct and practical value mainly to the space industry, practicing lawyers, national public regulatory authorities and other governmental bodies and officials that deal with the formulation and implementation of regulatory policies regarding space applications.

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