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Sociology of the Sciences Yearbook publishes collections of papers that focus on specific overarching topics. Each Yearbook offers an opportunity for the integration of different disciplinary strategies and their interrelated development. The term sociology in the title is, thus, meant broadly and includes historical and philosophical dimensions. The Yearbook seeks to go beyond unitary and monolithic schematisations of scientific knowledge, and it similarly considers the study of scientists inseparable from the study of developments in scientific knowledge and both as major parts of the general study of social change and development.

Topics covered in the series include:

·       Democratization of Expertise (Vol. 24)

·       The Sciences' Media Connection - Public Communication and its Repercussions (Vol. 28)

·       The Local Configuration of New Research Fields - On Regional and National Diversity (Vol. 29)

The Yearbook welcomes proposals from individuals or groups of editors. Each proposal is reviewed by the series editor along with the editorial board. The editors of each volume organize an internal review process in conjunction with the managing editor. Upon completion of a volume it is then reviewed by external reviewers.

For more information on submitting a proposal, please contact the publishing editor, Christi Lue at  christi.lue @ springer.com  and series editor, Peter Weingart at weingart @ uni-bielefeld.de

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