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Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics

Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics

Series Editors: Frazier, Lyn, Roeper, Thomas, Wexler, Kenneth

ISSN: 1873-0043

The goal of this series is to bring evidence from many psychological domains to the classic questions of linguistic theory. The fundamental question from which the others flow is: What is the mental representation of grammar? Evidence from all aspects of language is relevant. How is the grammar acquired? How is language produced and comprehended? How is the grammar instantiated in the brain and how does language breakdown occur in cases of brain damage? How does second language acquisition and processing differ from first language acquisition and processing? A satisfactory theory of language calls for articulated connections or interfaces between grammar and other psychological domains. The series presents volumes that both develop theoretical proposals in each of these areas and present the empirical evidence needed to evaluate them.

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