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The Mathematics Teacher Education book series presents relevant research and innovative international developments with respect to the preparation and professional development of mathematics teachers. A better understanding of teacher's cognitions as well as knowledge about effective models for preservice and inservice teacher education is fundamental for mathematics education at the primary, secondary and tertiary level in the various contexts and cultures across the world. Therefore, considerable research is needed to understand what facilitates and impedes mathematics teachers' professional learning.
The series aims to provide a significant resource for teachers, teacher educators and graduate students by introducing and critically reflecting new ideas, concepts and findings of research in teacher education. The books published in this series address and investigate a variety of issues related to:
  • the development of models that characterise teacher development throughout a teacher's professional life including the preservice years;
  • the design, implementation and evaluation of teacher education programs in various international settings;
  • the impact of the context of classrooms, schools, universities and society on teacher development;
  • the influence of technology on mathematics teaching and mathematics teacher education;
  • the relationship between teacher education and alternative assessment procedures.

All manuscripts are refereed and provide in-depth analyses and comprehensive discussion of the chosen topic.

Book proposals for this series may be submitted to the Publishing Editor: Melissa James
e-mail: Melissa.James@springer.com

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Series Editor
  • Andrea Peter-Koop,
  • Patricia Wilson

Book titles in this series

  1. Diagnostic Competence of Mathematics Teachers

    Unpacking a Complex Construct in Teacher Education and Teacher Practice

    • Timo Leuders
    • Kathleen Philipp
    • Juliane Leuders
    • Copyright: 2018

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  2. From Text to 'Lived' Resources

    Mathematics Curriculum Materials and Teacher Development

    • Ghislaine Gueudet
    • Birgit Pepin
    • Luc Trouche
    • Copyright: 2012

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    • Hard cover
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