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Multiagent Systems, Artificial Societies, and Simulated Organizations concentrates on systems composed of computational agents (i.e., intelligent and autonomous entities) that interact with each other and perhaps with humans. Dependent on the research and application focus, such systems are usually referred to as multiagent systems, artificial societies, or simulated organizations. These systems are among the most promising technologies in computer science which is going to build more and more complex (i.e., large, distributed, open, heterogeneous, and dynamic) information environments in which computing devices and computational processes act as "individuals" rather than just "parts". The concepts of multiagent systems, artificial societies, and simulated organizations lie at the bottom of a new, emerging paradigm of computation and intelligence dealing with topics such as
  • cooperation and competition;
  • coordination and collaboration;
  • communication protocols and languages;
  • negotiation, consensus development, and conflict detection and resolution;
  • intelligent cognitive activities jointly realized by multiple agents (e.g., distributed problem-solving, planning, learning, and decision making);
  • intelligent cognitive activities emergent and organizational intelligence;
  • intelligent cognitive activities organizational and social structuring and dynamics;
  • decentralized control and management;
  • security, reliability, and robustness.
Discontinued series: although this series no longer publishes new content, the published titles listed here remain available.
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  • Gerhard Weiß

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