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This series publishes recent economic research and its applications to public policy problems of health and health services. Topics of interest include the production and measurement of health or health status; economic evaluation of appropriate therapies; production of health services; price, financing, supply and demand for health services; competition and monopoly in health services and insurance markets; information and health care markets; adverse selection in health services and insurance markets; regulations and planning of health services; nonprice rationing; occupational licensure and regulation; the political economy of health policy.
Though the economic or policy problem motivating an analysis may be country-specific, the books will be of interest to an international audience. Aside from a core group of specialists in health economics, the books will be accessible to general non-specialist economists and to non-economists in related areas, such as health policy, epidemiology or public health.
All titles in the series are peer-reviewed.
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  • H. E. Frech,
  • Peter Zweifel,
  • Bianca K. Frogner

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