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New & Forthcoming Titles | Fundamental Theories of Physics

Fundamental Theories of Physics

Fundamental Theories of Physics

Series Editors: van Beijeren, H., Blanchard, P., Busch, P., Coecke, B., Dieks, D., Dittrich, B., Dürr, D., Durrer, R., Frigg, R., Fuchs, C., Ghirardi, G., Giulini, D.J.W., Jaeger, G., Kiefer, C., Landsman, N.P., Maes, C., Murao, M., Nicolai, H., Petkov, V., Ruetsche, L., Sakellariadou, M., van der Merwe, A., Verch, R., Werner, R.F., Wüthrich, C., Young, L.-S.

ISSN: 0168-1222

We look forward to receiving your book proposal

We are convinced that the sustainability of science needs dedicated researchers who critically challenge existing concepts, transfer knowledge from other scientific fields and introduce inspiring yet sometimes controversial new concepts. The ideological goal of the Fundamental Theories of Physics series strongly reflects this conviction by offering a forum to innovative ideas in physics.
We welcome:
  • Books containing well-justified and mathematically stringent material within a relevant field in physics, covering a non-mainstream aspect or point of view
  • Books on new and original ideas that are firmly based on scientific grounds (for example alternative gravity theories, new models in string theory and Bohmian mechanics)
  • Material that has not been published in a monograph before but has been approved by the scientific community via publication of its main ideas in peer reviewed journals (page number between 150 and 500 pages)
Note that all books should be written in the language of physics, i.e. with formulae rather than descriptive text. Although we encourage interdisciplinary works, the target group should always be specialized physicists!
Please send your proposal to Dr. Aldo Rampioni, Publishing Editor:

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