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The Fish & Fisheries series aims to publish key books on all aspects of fish and fisheries science, conservation and management: biology and ecology of fishes and invertebrates of fisheries interest, fisheries assessment and management, aquaculture, and the social and economic dimensions of aquatic resource use and conservation.  For over thirty years, the Fish & Fisheries series has been at the forefront of providing in-depth syntheses of knowledge in this vibrant and fast-moving field. The series is directed at researchers in the fish and fisheries sciences, senior undergraduate and postgraduate students, and at professionals in fisheries, aquaculture and marine and freshwater conservation.

Prospective authors and/or editors are encouraged to consult the Publishing Editor for more details. Comments or suggestions for future volumes are welcome:

Éva Lőrinczi

Publishing Editor


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  • Kai Lorenzen

Book titles in this series

  1. Shrimps

    Their Diversity, Intriguing Adaptations and Varied Lifestyles

    • Raymond T. Bauer
    • Copyright: 2023

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