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Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution

Series Ed.: Trevors, J.

ISSN: 1566-0745

The Environmental Pollution book series includes current, comprehensive texts on critical national and global environmental issues useful to scientists in academia, industry and government from diverse disciplines. These include water, air, and soil pollution, organic and inorganic pollution, risk assessment, human and environmental health, environmental biotechnology, global ecology, mathematics and computing as related to environmental pollution, environmental modelling, environmental chemistry and physics, biology, toxicology, conservation and biodiversity, agricultural sciences, pesticides, environmental engineering, bioremediation/biorestoration, and environmental economics. Environmental problems and solutions are complex and interrelated. Complex problems often require complex solutions. The linkage of many disciplines can result in new approaches to old and new environmental problems as well as pollution prevention. This knowledge will assist in understanding, maintaining and improving the biosphere in which we live.

Proposals for this book series can be sent the Series Editor:

Jack Trevors at jtrevors@uoguelph.ca

or the Publishing Editor

Zachary Romano at Zachary.Romano@springer.com

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