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Contemporary Systems Thinking is a series of texts, each of which deals comparatively and/or critically with different aspects of holistic thinking at the frontiers of the discipline. Traditionally, writings by systems thinkers have been concerned with single theme propositions like General Systems Theory, Cybernetics, Operations Research, System Dynamics, Soft Systems Methodology and many others. Recently there have been attempts to fulfill a different yet equally important role by comparative analyses of viewpoints and approaches, each addressing disparate areas of study such as: modeling and simulation, measurement, management, ‘problem solving’ methods, international relations, social theory and last, but not exhaustively or least, philosophy. Bringing together many sources yields several achievements, among which is showing a great diversity of approaches, ideas and application areas that systems thinking contributes to (although, often with difficulties unresolved). There is a need for a series of books, each focusing in detail on the study areas mentioned above. While modeling and simulation are served well in the scientific literature, this is not the case for systems thinking in management, ‘problem solving’ methods, social theory, or philosophy to name a handful. Each book in this series makes a contribution by concentrating on one of these topics.
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