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Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

Series Ed.: Phillips, Clive

ISSN: 1572-7408

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Clive Phillips

Clive Phillips was the Foundation Professor of Animal Welfare at the University of Queensland, where he directed the Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics. He previously taught and researched animal welfare at the Universities of Cambridge and Wales in the United Kingdom. He has written widely on the welfare of captive animals, mainly farm animals but also zoo and companion animals. He is best known for his research on the welfare of livestock transported by ship. His books include Principles of Cattle Production, The Animal Trade and The Welfare of Animals - the Silent Majority. He has also authored about 350 scientific journal articles. Clive chairs the Queensland Government’s Animal Welfare Board, is editor-in-chief of the journal Animals and the Animal Welfare Series published by Springer, which he started in 2001. In 2012 Clive was awarded the Australian Museum prize for scientific research for the protection of animals.

Marieke Cassia Gartner

Marieke Cassia Gartner, PhD, is the Associate Curator of Animal Welfare at Zoo Atlanta. She is the zoo’s Institutional Representative for Animal Welfare, the Chair of the zoo’s Animal Welfare Committee, and is a member on the Behavioral Management and Scientific Research committees. Her research interests include welfare in zoo settings, and personality and its relationship to well-being. She has studied a variety of both domestic and exotic animals, with a focus on felids.

Dr. Moira Harris

Dr. Moira Harris is an independent research consultant based in Shrewsbury, UK. After obtaining an undergraduate degree in Psychology, she did an MSc and PhD in applied animal behavior at the University of Saskatchewan, specializing in maternal-infant interactions in domestic pigs and farmed wild boar. Her research interests include farmed animals (pigs, dairy cows, poultry and fish) and she has previously led a large research project evaluating the welfare of elephants in zoos. She has worked as a researcher and most recently as a Senior Lecturer in animal science and programme manager at Harper Adams University.

Dr. Karen Mancera

Dr. Karen Mancera studied her BSc’s in Biology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), studying neurobiology and eating behavior. Afterwards, she completed an MSc in UNAM, studying the effects of different percentages of tree coverage on the behavior and welfare of tropical cattle. Karen continued with a PhD in Veterinary Science at the University of Queensland, Australia, where she investigated the effects of mining machinery noise on the behavior and welfare of wildlife. In Mexico, Dr. Mancera joined UNAM as a postdoctoral researcher, studying how animal welfare can be used as an indicator of sustainability in silvopastoral systems, and as an Assistant Lecturer in Animal Welfare. Karen has worked in projects related to cattle individuality, the integration of sustainability indicators to generate evaluation systems, companion animal welfare, as well as a volunteer in projects related to elephants and marine turtles. She has also collaborated as an Inspector for Certified Humane, where she has visited laying hen farms in Latin America to ensure their health and welfare.

Dr. Stephanie Torrey

Dr. Stephanie Torrey is an independent animal welfare consultant and Adjunct/Associate Graduate Faculty in the Department of Animal Biosciences at the University of Guelph where she obtained her PhD. As a Research Scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and then the University of Guelph, Dr. Torrey focused on applied animal welfare issues, particularly surrounding poultry and swine. Her main research interests concern the standard practices and procedures performed on farms that may affect animal welfare. Her publications have contributed to changes in global standards for animal welfare, including transportation and surgical interventions in pigs and euthanasia and feed restriction practices in poultry.

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