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Archimedes has three fundamental goals:
to further the integration of the histories of science and technology with one another;
to investigate the technical, social and practical histories of specific developments in science and technology;
and finally, where possible and desirable, to bring the histories of science and technology into closer contact with the philosophy of science.

The series is interested in receiving book proposals that treat the history of any of the sciences, ranging from biology through physics, all aspects of the history of technology, broadly construed, as well as historically-engaged philosophy of science or technology. Taken as a whole, Archimedes will be of interest to historians, philosophers, and scientists, as well as to those in business and industry who seek to understand how science and industry have come to be so strongly linked.

Submission / Instructions for Authors and Editors:
The series editors aim to make a first decision within one month of submission. In case of a positive first decision the work will be provisionally contracted: the final decision about publication will depend upon the result of the anonymous peer-review of the complete manuscript. The series editors aim to have the work peer-reviewed within 3 months after submission of the complete manuscript.

The series editors discourage the submission of manuscripts that contain reprints of previously published material and of manuscripts that are below 150 printed pages (75,000 words). For inquiries and submission of proposals prospective authors can contact one of the editors:

Editor: JED Z. BUCHWALD, [Buchwald@caltech.edu]

Associate Editors:

Mathematics:   Jeremy Gray, [jeremy.gray@open.ac.uk]
19th-20th Century Physical Sciences:    Tilman Sauer, [tsauer@uni-mainz.de]

Biology:            Sharon Kingsland, [sharon@jhu.edu]

Biology:            Manfred Laubichler, [manfred.laubichler@asu.edu]

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