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Through monographs and contributed works the goal of the series is to publish state of the art expository research covering all topics in the field of applied optimization. In addition, the series will include texts and monographs which are suitable for graduate level courses in engineering, business, applied mathematics, operations research and computer science. With the rapid increases in computer power, and the continued development of innovative algorithms by researchers around the world, this field is experiencing explosive growth. These advances, plus others such as the development of modeling languages, are placing optimization techniques in the hands of users at all levels of engineering, science, and industry. This series will cover the most important and recent topics in applied optimization such as linear, nonlinear, and dynamic programming and combinatorial and network optimization, including software developments and specialized algorithms. The series will also publish in-depth studies of applications of optimization to real problems in areas such as transportation science, location theory, economics, manufacturing and production planning, logistics and distribution, financial planning, structural optimization, water resource planning, environment and network design.
Discontinued series: although this series no longer publishes new content, the published titles listed here remain available.
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  • Panos Pardalos,
  • Donald W. Hearn

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