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The Annals of Theoretical Psychology is devoted to understanding theoretical developments and advances in psychological theory. This series is designed to further the dialogue on theoretical issues in the field of psychology and to unify the discipline through a theoretical synthesis of ideas on key issues of debate. Core themes of the Annals vary from one volume to another, moving beyond a focus on one particular aspect or approach to theory. Each book consists of invited and submitted papers and commentaries that explore a facet of innovative theory in psychology. Of particular interest is moving the discussion and exploration of theory into application for use in research, practice and teaching, taking into account the globalized nature of contemporary psychology. The enduring objective of the Annals of Theoretical Psychology is the exploration of key concepts that require further inquiry, dialogue, and theoretical integration within psychology and related fields.
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  • Craig W. Gruber,
  • Jaan Valsiner,
  • Matthew G. Clark,
  • Sven Hroar Klempe

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