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Astronautical Engineering

Astronautical Engineering

Series: Springer Praxis Books

ISSN: 2365-9599

The Springer Praxis Astronautical Engineering program covers the very latest applications and systems used in rocket and spacecraft propulsion, spacecraft design, engineering and technology, enabling technologies for current and future space missions both manned and unmanned, including planetary rovers.

Key topics include:

  • human missions to the Moon and Mars
  • the space debris and radiation environments
  • the analysis and design of interplanetary missions, orbital motion, deep space probes and the technologies required for space missions beyond the Solar System into interstellar space and the problems of spacecraft communications

The books are well illustrated with line diagrams and photographs throughout, with targeted use of colour for scientific interpretation and understanding. They feature extensive references and bibliographies, glossaries and appendices.

The books are written for a readership of aerospace and astronautical engineers, space scientists and researchers, spacecraft designers, managers and mission planners in space agencies, space policy makers and postgraduate students in university departments and research institutes in related fields.

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